Small Business

If you are in the process of setting up a small business it is important to structure the business to minimize your tax liability. Decisions that you make about how your business is structured will affect how much you pay in taxes.  Small Business Tax amounts can be lowered in many cases by proper accounting decisions.

Small Business tax preparation is a large component of my CPA practice.  As an accountant, helping small business groups comply with all accounting and tax requirements while minimizing the tax burden is a primary goal.

Roger Coyner CPA can assist in evaluating the tax implications of different business entities. How you set up your LLC, sole proprietorship, S or C corp impacts your ability to use the tax code most effectively to lower the tax burden.

If your business has been in operation it is still extremely important to evaluate the current strategies. You can make changes to your business structure which will impact your future tax liability.

Austin has over 28,000 small businesses. Most of these business owners are rightfully focused on getting and serving their customers. Having an experienced accountant to guide the tax planning for a small business will allow the owner to focus on their important tasks.

Some of the types of business that Roger Coyner CPA serves are:

  • Construction (home building and commercial services)
  • Music industry (artists, recording studios, venues, management, etc.)
  • Professional (attorneys, medical doctors, CEO, COO, and other corporate management)
  • Restaurant/Bar (single and multiple locations)
  • Retail Business (storefront businesses with single and multiple locations)
  • Service business
  • Distribution business
  • Manufacturing (production and sale of durable and non-durable products)

Please call to discuss your particular business situation and its tax implications.

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